Coffee Bags and Instant Coffee: Are They One And The Same?

Long gone are the days when making a perfect cup of coffee seemed to be a hassle. The age of easy to drink coffee is upon us and standing at the forefront of this change are two convenient ways to enjoy your favorite cup - the coffee bags and the instant coffee. With both offering greater convenience and lesser brewing time, coffee lovers and aficionados are often left pondering which to choose and whether these two are any different at all. This article shall take you through the world of coffee bags and instant coffee and show you how they actually aren’t one and the same.

Coffee Bags - ‘The Prodigy’

A drip coffee filter bag is filled with ground coffee and comes with the added benefit of being portable and compact. N2 gas is filled in every single sachet, keeping the taste and aroma fresh until just before serving. It offers coffee lovers a great way to enjoy delicious coffee on the go. All that you need to do is tear it open, hook it over a cup, pour in hot water and enjoy! Third Wave Coffee offers a wide range of easy coffee bags so that you can enjoy your favorite coffee anywhere and anytime.

Coffee bags are an ingenious invention that allows you to enjoy the flavor and aroma of a barista brewed coffee in the comfort of your home.

Coffee bags have further waded themselves into the arena of the cold brew. With summer beating down on us, we at Third Wave Coffee have come up with a premium line of Easy Cold Brew Bags, the best way to enjoy your favorite cold brew from your couch. Visit our website to buy coffee online, and also make sure to try our refreshing Easy Cold Brew Bags to beat the summer heat!

Instant Coffee - ‘The Trailblazer’

Instant coffee is made from whole coffee beans that are roasted, grounded and brewed. It is a faster, easier, and cheaper alternative to regular ground coffee. Instant coffee has been in the market for decades, making it a classic go-to for lovers of easy-to-brew coffee. 

Brewing instant coffee is as easy as it gets. The only thing required in the entire process is the addition of hot water or milk, with literally no extraction time. Unlike your ground coffee, instant coffee granules will dissolve completely once the water is added, with no waste product to be disposed of.

Instant coffee was once infamous amongst coffee connoisseurs for its lack of flavor and depth. However, the arrival of premium soluble instant coffee in the market by major brands has led to a steady rise in popularity even amongst the most conservative of coffee consumers.

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Are Coffee Bags and Instant Coffee The Same?

To answer this question in one word - NO. Instant coffee undergoes a lot of processing and refinement before it's put into tins. On the other hand, coffee bags contain coffee that has been ground from whole coffee beans and added straight to the bag without anything being done to them.

Coffee bags come with the same level of convenience as instant coffee but with an elevated flavor reminiscent of freshly brewed coffee that you’d get in any of our premium stores across India.

Coffee bags and instant coffee are two amazing options for those looking for a way to enjoy a quick cup of joe right as they head out of work or while unwinding after a long and tiring day. Coffee bags are the successors of the age-old instant coffee, with newer varieties hitting the market every single day. But do not count out instant coffee as a massive part of the population still consume it on a daily basis. For those beginners who have just ventured into the world of instant and easy to make coffee, rejoice, for there is a world of options for you to choose from!