How to Cold Brew

‘I was made for sunny days’

Cold brew is poured, ice cubes chink, glasses clink and levels dip. Heat abates; relief temporary. The cycle repeats.

We like to believe that our Northern Lights blend was made for precisely that; a burst of effervescence, a thousand colours in a parched landscape, the joy of days spent gazing at everything and nothing, where troubles seem small and unimportant. If you are as enthralled by this blend as we are, then read on folks, for a tempting recipe that follows a very detailed how to.

Quality beans, quality water, quality tools. We shall proceed in that particular order.

We have chanced upon the occasional article across the mammoth web that bandies about the notion of using coffee beans of a lower calibre. To better define it, a cold brew can be more forgiving towards blends that are less fresh or dark roasted. We tend to disagree with this sentiment. With the clarity that only comes from constant trial and error, we noticed a marked distinction in flavour and substance in coffees that were cold brewed between a timeline of five days to two weeks. A very superior distinction.

To blend or not to blend? Once again, we fall back on our trusted experiments. A battle of complexity versus consistency, the results ending in a tie. Single origins tend to offer a greater depth, a certain finesse in flavour and a charming liveliness that can be felt across the palate. Blends, on the other hand, are subtle. A case in which the whole is greater than the sum of its parts can be felt in the harmony and uniformity that a blend has to offer. Acidity, body, flavour, mouthfeel, are all uniquely expressed and flawlessly compliment each other if done right. At the end though, it is a matter of personal taste.

The grind of the coffee also influences the outcome to a great scope. The general rule states the use of a medium to completely coarse grind. Very much akin to rock salt. You could go fine too if you are looking for a more vivacious drink, but be forewarned, as it will likely be accompanied with a greater quantity of sedimentation in your final cup. The size of the grind also affects the steeping time, as a coarser grind calls for a longer brewing period and vice versa.

Water, a major component but rarely ever given the credit it deserves, usually makes up at least 94% to 98% of the brewed coffee. The use of filtered water eliminates the risk of any off flavours or odours in your beverage. It also proves to be an excellent medium for highlighting the various notes in your coffee.

At the most basic level, a sanitised bucket and a fine cloth will do the trick when it comes to brewing your coffee. But if you like precision, we would recommend going with this list:

  • Measuring Scale
  • Glass or Ceramic Container in which the coffee can steep
  • A Filter – could be a fine metal sieve, a cloth filter, a cheesecloth or a paper filter.
  • Another container to store the brewed coffee in.

    For all the ease it takes to make a cold-brewed coffee, it decidedly does require a certain amount of planning on one’s part. With a brewing time that can go anywhere between twelve hours to twenty-four (we follow an eighteen-hour brew time, but this again, is very subjective and factors in many elements), scheduling in your brewing saves a ton of caffeine-deprived frustration.

    So now that you’re armed and ready, it's time to level up a notch. Bring out those dusty cocktail shakers, zest some oranges and powder down a few cardamom pods. You’re more than prepared to get cracking on the Ritual’s End.

    Ritual's End

    You will need:

    • Cold Brewed Coffee a cup full of deliciousness
    • Juice of half an orange
    • Powdered Cardamom a pinch
    • Ice cubes to fill a glass and then some
    • Brown Sugar if you prefer it sweet

    Leaving aside your desired quantity of ice cubes in your glass, fill up the cocktail shaker with the remaining ingredients.

    Shake it up, preferably to the tune of La Bamba and if you’re feeling particularly inspired, bring on that Tom Cruise swagger too. We won’t judge you.

    Pour it all over the ice, take a sip, do the foxtrot.

    Try our cold brew blend Aurora Borealis