French Press French Press


Is it essentially French or Italian? There is a bit of controversy and a fair amount of general bickering surrounding the origins of this device. But no matter the inventor, we’re just grateful for this inexpensive, fall-back-on method that never fails to deliver a cup that is earthy, rich in flavour and potent on the tongue.


Step 1

For one cup, grind and take 2 tablespoons of coarse even ground coffee ( 28 grams )

Step 2

Heat 280 mL water

Step 3

Put the ground coffee in the french press and pour hot water twice the weight of dry coffee for the coffee to bloom ( start the timer right before doing this ), give it a gentle stir and let it sit for 30 seconds

Step 4

After 30 seconds of bloom pour rest of the water in and put the lid on top without plunging

Step 5

Exactly at 4 minutes stir the coffee once before plunging it and transfer the coffee in a pre-heated empty cup ( Don’t leave the coffee in the french press, it will get over extracted and taste BAD )