Pour Over Pour Over


The pour over is a ritual. A slow trance that pulls you in as water gently covers the coffee, as the first aromas of freshly ground coffee gently drift up to assault your senses, as you watch each grind soak up the water and bloom. It is a ritual shared only between you and those few necessary tools; leaving you feeling fresh, invigorated and balanced, akin to the cup you just so lovingly poured. Enjoy it; revel in the soothing familiarity it provides as you embrace the coffee with each flavorful sip.


Step 1

Grind and take a little more than 1 tablespoon ( 17 grams ) of ground coffee resembling sea salt in coarseness. Also start heating 250 ml water.

Step 2

While the water is heating up ( 250 mL ), wet the filter after placing it on the dripper to get rid of any papery taste that might be there.

Step 3

Throw away the water drained from pre-wetting of filter, and add the coffee to it and nudge it to flatten out the surface

Step 4

We will do three pours, for the first pour we will pour 35 mL of water starting from the center and spiral outwards and inwards making sure all the grounds are wet. The first pour is when you should put your nose down and gather all that awesomeness the bloom lets out. Wait for 30 seconds.

Step 5

After 30 seconds, start pouring in the water with the same motion as previously mentioned until you pour an extra 100 grams. This will end the second pour and should take about 1 minute. Pour the remaining water with the same motion, the water will take another minute to pass through the coffee.