An easy-to-use brew method for full-bodied, robust coffee.


What you need

28 grams of ground coffee
280 ml of hot water
French Press
Measuring scales (optional)

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1. For one cup, grind and take 2 tablespoons of coarse even ground coffee ( 28 grams )

2. Heat 280 mL water

3. Put the ground coffee in the french press and pour hot water twice the weight of dry coffee for the coffee to bloom ( start the timer right before doing this ), give it a gentle stir and let it sit for 30 seconds

4. After 30 seconds of bloom pour rest of the water in and put the lid on top without plunging

5.Exactly at 4 minutes stir the coffee once before plunging it and transfer the coffee in a pre-heated empty cup ( Don’t leave the coffee in the french press, it will get over extracted and taste BAD )