8 Intriguing Facts About Coffee Every Coffee Lover Must Know

For many people, coffee is a daily necessity; an almost divine elixir that can temporarily turn the day from dull to delightful. A significant number of people even label themselves as "coffee addicts". Yet there's no need for alarm as coffee has been scientifically confirmed to be good for health when consumed. So make sure you enjoy your next cup with pride, knowing that you are kinder to yourself than you might realise. In addition to the multiple advantages for our well-being, here are some other interesting facts about coffee.

Second In World

Humanity's passionate attachment to coffee is well-known and generates a staggering $100 billion in revenue, making it the world’s second most-traded commodity behind crude oil. Whether it's cappuccino or French press—it's no wonder why coffee has become our go-to beverage aside from water.

Coffee Beans Are Seeds

Despite its name, a coffee bean is not really a bean. It's actually the seed found inside the fruit of the coffee cherry. During harvest time, these beans are removed from their fruits. The shape and size of these tiny seeds resemble those of an actual bean; hence why they're referred to as such today. If planted in ideal conditions, one could easily cultivate new life out of this seemingly 'bean-like' seed—a whole new coffee plant.

Coffee life cycle

Now that we are on the topic of coffee beans, do you have a particular coffee blend that is your favourite or are you looking to explore further possibilities? Well, in either case, we would suggest trying the El Diablo Blend blend that brings you all the goodness of coffee beans from the hills of Karnataka. A truly blissful brew that ranks among the best coffee in India, so be sure not to miss it!

Etymology Of The Word “Coffee”

Coffee has had a long and interesting history. In fact, the earliest term used for this coveted drink was “qahwah” - an Arabic word which referred to wine! Millennia later, the Ottoman Turks changed it slightly with their spin on it as "kahve," followed by the Dutch who called it "koffie." Eventually, in 1582, English speakers adopted this naming convention for the coffee we have today.

Coffee Discovered By A Goat Herder

Centuries ago, a goat herder from Ethiopia discovered the energizing potential of coffee beans when he observed his flock's sudden burst in energy after eating them. Curious about this newfound discovery, he shared it with local monks who eventually created their own drink made out of these powerful little beans - allowing them to stay up all night while praying. Soon enough, news spread rapidly throughout civilization as people heard stories of what this miraculous beverage could do. If you'd like to learn more about coffee then look no further than The Fascinating History of Coffee- full of legends that will astound and amaze you.

coffee discovered by goat herder

A Coffee Not So Savoury

We understand if this sounds a bit wild, but bear with us! The Kopi Luwak is one of the most sought-after coffees in the world and hails from Indonesia. It's created thanks to an adorable palm civet who consumes coffee cherries - passing through their digestive tract before being collected for brewing. This exclusive fermentation process adds a velvety finish as well as a distinct flavour to your cup of joe.

Kopi Luwak is a peculiar process of making coffee, and at an extraordinary cost of over £400 per kilogram, it's among the priciest coffees readily available in the world today.

'Divorce On Account Of Terrible Coffee'

In the 16th century Constantinople, it was enough for a wife to cite her husband's coffee shortcomings as a cause for seeking a divorce. Additionally, in ancient Arab culture (which is reportedly still applicable in Saudi Arabia), women are allowed to legitimately ask for a split if their spouse fails to bring them fresh coffee each morning.

The Bans On Coffee

Since the beginning of coffee as a beverage, various factions around the world have tried to prohibit it. This was often attributed to coffee's energising nature or perhaps even the congregation of like-minded individuals it draws in. As a result, coffee houses of the ancient world quickly became meeting points for political and social dissidents who were able to express their ideas without fear of repression. An example dates back as far as 1511 when the governor of Mecca opposed coffee due to concerns that it might inspire his adversaries.

Coffee Helps You Live Longer

Coffee is brimming with powerful antioxidants, making it one of the world's healthiest drinks. While adding cream, sugar or syrup can reduce its potential benefits, coffee has been known to promote longevity and improve well-being when taken as part of a balanced diet and lifestyle routine. And if you want to know more about how it can positively impact your health, then find out more about that in What Are Some Of The Advantages Of Coffee?

coffee health benefits

All those facts about coffee must be instilling a yearning for this fantastic beverage in you and we hope that you got to learn something new too. So, which one was the most intriguing fact for you?