Coffee Bags: What Are They & How to Use Them?

The year is 2022. Coffee lovers and connoisseurs are all around us, but many do not have the time to brew a cup of coffee from scratch and enjoy a fresh cup of joe in the morning or right after work in the evenings. Overcoming this hurdle can be a hassle, especially if you’re not a fan of instant coffee. Well, fear not, for here comes the next big revolution in the world of coffee, the coffee bags! Coffee bags are an exquisite amalgamation of the convenience of instant coffee and the much sought after taste of freshly brewed coffee. This article will take you through the world of coffee bags and also maybe give you the inspiration to get some the next time you buy coffee online.

Coffee Bags - What are They?

Easy coffee bags are to coffee what tea bags are to tea. A drip coffee bag is a small pouch of ground coffee held in folded paper stands that can be suspended over cups. 

Easy coffee bags contain all the aroma and flavor that you’d get from a barista brewed coffee, but with the ease of use that comes with a teabag. This eliminates the need for any special equipment or brewing device to filter the coffee grounds and the bags can be tossed away once you’re done using them. 

The lack of a coffee maker might have you worried about adjusting the coffee to suit your tastes. Worry not, for much like a teabag, you can control the strength of a coffee bag by the amount of water you pour through the coffee.

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Coffee Bags - How Do You Use Them?

Using a drip coffee bag is as simple as it gets. Follow these steps and you should be well on your way to making the perfect cup of coffee using easy coffee bags.

Step 1: Open the pouch and remove the filter bag. Now tear off its top and shake the bag to level the coffee inside.

Step 2: Now place the handles over the sides of the cup.

Step 3: Pour hot water to wet the coffee grind, and let it bloom for 30 seconds. This will help extract the sweetness and flavor of the coffee.

Step 4: Pour the water slowly and evenly all the way to the top. The coffee then slowly drips out the base of the paper filter and you’re ready to enjoy delicious fresh hand-drip coffee.

Step 5: The filter and wet coffee bed are then discarded after use. It is as easy as that!

Coffee bags are an ingenious invention capable of bringing home an authentic café experience but with half the effort. We at Third Wave Coffee have an amazing lineup of exquisite Easy Coffee Bags with a wide variety of flavors ranging from the Karadykan Estate, a medium-light roast and the Mellow Blend, a medium-dark roast to the Wake Me Up Blend, a dark roast and the Baarbara Estate, a medium roast with slight undertones of milk chocolate and caramel. Make sure to visit our website or your nearest café to try your hand at our Easy Coffee Bags.