Coffee Decoction: How Long Is It Good For And What You Can Do With It?

Have you ever had a coffee decoction sit for too long in a pot or made a batch of brew that you just left in the freezer and could never get back to it in a reasonable time? And when you got back to it eventually on your own time, did you find that your favourite brew just didn't taste the same anymore? Well, most people have been there and just like them, if you have a question lingering in the back of your head as to how long a coffee decoction really last, then we have got all the answers compiled here.

How Long Does Coffee Decoction Last?

People often think that fresh coffee decoction is best enjoyed within a 20-30 minute window for an open cup or 1 hour with a sealed container. However, you can still enjoy your brew even past this timeline and most black coffees should be safe to drink up to 4 hours after brewing time. If creamer or milk has been added then it's best consumed within 2 hours; otherwise, the flavour may suffer. Unfortunately, there isn't much research on how long brewed coffee remains fresh but based on experience many people recommend discarding any leftover concoction after its expiration date has passed.

To maximize the longevity of coffee, you may want to store it in a sealed container in the fridge. This will keep your coffee decoction safe for up to 3-4 days; however, its flavour is likely to suffer after that time period. If you do choose to add milk or creamer, consume within two hours while left at room temperature and no more than one or two days if stored in the refrigerator - but remember to take precautionary measures like smelling it and checking for any signs of spoilage before drinking as dairy products can quickly sour.

How To Use Old Coffee Decoction?

Once the coffee is brewed, it is always best to use it. However, if there is any leftover coffee that you may have stored in the freezer, reusing it through reheating is perhaps not the best idea. While for the majority of people, reheating coffee should be okay - if it is less than 12 hours old. Yet, one must take care not to burn their morning ration as that can ruin the taste and aroma. Moreover, even with no burning involved, your average daily drink will still include a significant difference in flavour once you have re-heated the brew. So, unless you are able to bear that taste, you might enjoy your coffee decoction better if you used that leftover batch for making something like an iced latte instead.

While we are discussing the possibilities of using old coffee brews, it is important to know that keeping perishable food items, such as milk, outside of the fridge for more than two hours can turn into a disaster, especially in the summer.  This makes coffee decoctions with milk unsuitable to be stored unless stored in a freezer, or microwaved and heated before leaving in the open.

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