Dialling in the Deccan - "Our own new South Indian Filter" Blend

It may be one thing to build a brand and culture that focuses solely on creating and appreciating delicious, soul-searching and thoughtful coffee that is as expressive and bold as Mozart's Symphony No. 41. But try taking on the task of crafting a blend that has as many versions of it as the number of years since its inception, and you will be met with a path fraught with faux dark roasts, innumerable sleepless nights gulping down cup after cup of said faux roasts, dreaming of the perfect way to finally achieve that  tantalizing aroma, that absolute silky blackness and that feeling of complete contentedness that only comes with the true kind of South Indian style of coffee.

But we doggedly marched on, even at the expense of a few roasted batches that were too sorry to brew, we marched on. Call it our mulishness, our bullheadedness or our undying enthusiasm to finally achieve that balance between a dark roast that still retains its inherent characteristics but with the viscosity and strength of a South Indian Filter Coffee, we finally chanced upon our beloved Deccan Blend.

In the days before we released this blend, we snuck up on unwary customers with cups full of teeming hot South Indian style filter coffee and, while we were being unabashedly overbearing, hounded them into giving us honestly if not slightly intimidated feedback.

Therefore, we shall first heartily thank these loyal customers of ours with the patience of angels and the resilience of rocks who stood the test of the overly enthusiastic Third Wave team.

The opinions we received ranged from the anticipated ‘We want darker!’, ‘We want stronger!’, ‘We want bitter!’ to finally ‘Nearly there, just more viscosity’, ‘Bang on! Only a little less milk’, ‘Alleluia! This is better than my Nani’s.’

It took us a couple of thoroughly amusing, head banging, finger flailing weeks to finally perfect our version of this traditional beast of a blend. And boy, are we pleased with the outcome. But what had us patting ourselves on the back and sharing secret smiles was each time we caught that expression of wonder on a customer’s face when the realisation dawned that this filter blend was chicory free. Yes, we had smiles as big as the Cheshire Cat that constantly baffled Alice.

Deccan is the largest unit of the Peninsular Plateau of India. It also happens to house some of the best coffee plantations along with the most number of staunch, dyed-in-the-wool coffee drinkers. Is that the unmistakable sound of those wheels finally turning? It then a complete no-brainer that we named this blend after the prestigious plateau on which it thrives on? We think not.

Now after so many lines of waxing something serious, I think we have sufficiently planted the urge in you, dear customer, to walk into your kitchen or to your nearest coffee shop and grab that quick cuppa. But if the curiosity has been sufficiently piqued and if the decision has been made to go ahead and sample this illustrious blend, then we urge you, dear customer, to follow through on those cravings, and place an order here.