Guide To Buying The Best Coffee Beans

There’s no doubt that one of the most beloved beverages available to us is coffee. The popularity of this drink has risen over the years and the boom of coffee experts and connoisseurs helped pave the way. To give some perspective, that's 520 million liters we consume worldwide every single day. And with the excess of choices for coffee beans, it's difficult to discern which are high-quality. And if you fail to pick the best coffee beans that suit your tastes, your coffee will feel terrible and you'll have wasted your money! 

But the process of choosing coffee beans doesn't have to be daunting. By simply familiarizing yourself with a few key characteristics, you can easily select the best coffee beans for your needs. And with that, you can also have yourself a joe that tastes so much better as well.

Key Factors To Get The Best Coffee Beans You Want

Knowing Your Beans

The debate for the best coffee beans is primarily between the Robusta and Arabica variants of coffee. Usually, Robusta has a more distinct flavour that is somewhat bitter whereas Arabica tastes a little acidic with delicate undertones of fruit.

The growing conditions for these beans naturally differ, so it's only to be expected that coffee harvested in one country would taste diverse from the other. The altitude, rainfall, climate, and soil all have a significant impact on the flavours and scent of your brewed cup of java.

Selecting The Desired Roast

When you take a deep breath of a freshly harvested green coffee bean, the fragrance is more like that of a green pepper than the typical aroma of your morning cup of joe. The roasting process is what gives coffee its distinctive flavour explosion.

There are huge distinctions between light and dark roasts. If you want coffee with a smoother flavour, choose dry and lighter-coloured beans. These beans have been roasted for a shorter amount of time, resulting in a less harsh taste profile. Similarly, darker roasts will be preferred if you prefer a stronger and more bitter drink.

Single Origin vs Blended

Single-origin coffee beans are made from beans grown in a single place, which is frequently a region or country. This might even extend to the precise weather, microscopic conditions, and farm where the bean was cultivated. An exquisite example of this is the Bettadakhan Estate from one of the best coffee brand in India. This coffee from he Bettadakhan Estate, located in Baba Budan Giri mountains, is hand-picked and sun-dried Arabica coffee produced alongside pepper, cacao, and cardamom. A well-balanced brew that delivers complex flavors of dark chocolate, macadamia nuts, and brown sugar with every sip.

Most single-origin coffee beans are seasonal and grown in smaller batches. They are often roasted lightly to allow the true and unique flavor to come out. If you like black coffee, the defined taste of these beans will probably be what you're looking for.

However, many people still like blended coffees because they have a more complex flavor. A roaster will normally mix beans from two to four different locations, giving the blend a harmonious combination of aroma, smoothness, and taste. The taste of the finished profile might be described as chocolate, orange, hazelnut, and so on. If you appreciate coffees with a wide range of tastes blended together, you'll want to try it.

The Coffee Makes Changes Everything

Not only do you have to understand the chemistry of a coffee bean, but also different coffee makers can make some beans more suitable for you than others.

Depending on the brewing method, different machines can output varying coffee flavours. For example, compare a French press and a drip machine – because there is less contact time with water in a French press, this often results in a full-bodied and robust coffee. In contrast, because filter paper causes a slower brewing process in drip machines, this gives way to more aromatic brews. So, it is wiser to choose your coffee bean based on the type of coffee maker you have at home.

Coffee gives us the ‘buzz’ we need because it contains caffeine, which is a substance that stimulates the brain and creates the sensation of alertness. The essence of loving coffee is that the beverage is just irresistible to the initiated. Though the ultimate desire is all about finding the right coffee for yourself, part of the fun is also experimenting with different types and flavors. So, even if you do go through the whole exercise we just dished out, don't be afraid to try something new either.