How to make authentic South Indian Filter Coffee

Filter coffee is more than just a drink for most South Indians, it is an emotion and for some an integral part of their daily routine without which the day just won’t feel the same. Waking up to a tumbler of steaming, aromatic filter coffee in of itself is an amazing way to start your day. 

South Indian filter coffee, which also goes by the names the Kumbakonam degree coffee, The Madras Kappi or the Mysore filter coffee, is known for its strength, aroma, and thick creamy texture that allures drinkers and have them coming back for more.

The taste of the filter coffee usually depends on the coffee powder used. To get that perfect flavored decoction, we’d recommend using our Signature South Indian Filter Blend, a tribute to the authentic South India filter coffee carefully developed by one of the best coffee brands in India. 

Now that we’ve taken a trip down memory lane, let’s look at how to make an authentic South Indian Filter Coffee.

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Recipe for Making South Indian Filter Coffee

Preparation Time: 10 mins
Brewing Time: 5-10 mins


  • Filter Coffee Powder - 3 - 4 tablespoons

  • Hot Water - ½ Cup

  • Milk - ½ Cup

  • Sugar or Jaggery- 2 tablespoons (to taste)


  • The first step in brewing a South Indian filter coffee is the preparation of the filter coffee decoction.

  • In a traditional steel coffee filter, add the coffee powder, place the pressing disc with handle and then pour the boiling hot water until 3/4th full.
    Cover the top lid & Now now allow the decoction to drip down into the bottom jarchamber (Generally takes 5-6 minutes)

  • Here’s a pro tip from us - Before adding the coffee powder, it is recommended to show the top part of the filter over a flame, as this will help open the holes in the filter and aid in brewing a strong decoction.

  • The next part of the recipe involves working with the milk. In a saucepan, add the milk and bring it to a boil. We’d suggest using full-fat creamy milk to perfectly recreate that authentic taste. Don’t forget to add sugar or jaggery to taste.

  • Now that both the decoction and the milk are ready, all that’s left is to pour them into the tumblers/coffee cups. Make sure to combine both properly by mixing well to get that frothy layer and the ideal taste you’re aiming for.

There you have it, an authentic South Indian filter coffee in the comfort of
your home, the ideal drink to pair with your breakfast or evening snacks!