Our Guide To Home Espresso

Brewing a perfect espresso is not everyone’s cup of coffee, and yet the satisfaction that you’d get from taking that first sip of that perfect concoction makes it all worth it. For those out there who wish to get the taste of a traditional espresso, but without having the need to work with an espresso machine and also in the comfort of their homes, we’d recommend working with the Moka Pot.

The Moka Pot is a versatile tool that combines age-old traditions with a present-day need for easy-to-make delicious espresso-based coffee drinks. We personally recommend using the Moka Pot Blend with the Moka Pot to get that perfect blend with a syrupy texture. 

So, sit tight and strap in as we give you the perfect comprehensive guide on how to make espresso like decoction using the Moka Pot.

Master the Moka Pot - Master the Espresso

Here are the steps that we’d recommend you follow to get that perfect espresso-like decoction from the Moka Pot.

Step 1: Fill with Water

Start by filling the bottom chamber with hot water. There is usually a safety valve in the bottom chamber, make sure you fill the water just until it is touching the bottom of the valve.

Step 2: Grind and Add Coffee to the Moka Pot

The next step in answering how to make espresso is adding your coffee powder to the filter basket until level, but make sure not to tamp them down, for this can create too much pressure inside the Moka Pot. Using our Moka Pot Express Blend ground at fine grind size will give you that perfect espresso flavour with a texture that’ll light you up with every sip. 

Step 3: Set Up the Rest of the Apparatus

Adjust the filter basket with ground coffee to the bottom chamber with hot water, make sure that it sits perfectly in the slot. Now screw the upper chamber into place and place put the fully assembled pot onto the stove.

Here’s a pro-’how to make espresso’-tip from one of the best coffee brands in India, try and use a wet AeroPress paper filter below the top chamber to create the right pressure.

Step 4: Heat the Moka Pot

Once you’ve placed the Moka Pot onto the stove, you’ll need to make sure that the flame is not at a minimum. You’ll need to keep the flame on until the water starts boiling and coffee decoction begins to come out of the center post. Once the coffee starts coming out of the top you can switch off the flame after 5 seconds as this would allow for even extraction and prevent the coffee from overheating & spluttering.

Here’s another pro-’how to make espresso’-tip from us - make sure to maintain a constant low temperature, for if the heat is too high the coffee might just taste burnt, and no one enjoys a burnt coffee.

Also, remove all the decoction in a different vessel to avoid burning the coffee. 

Step 5: Serve Your Masterpiece

If you’ve followed our steps correctly and then be proud of yourself now because you have a cup of perfect espresso that’ll impress any coffee lover. Those who like a weaker decoction can always add an equal part of hot water to the espresso-like decoction. Once you’re done with the Moka Pot, make sure to wash it in warm water by hand and dry it thoroughly with a towel.

Getting the hang of the process is just a matter of time. The Moka Pot isn’t an automatic machine, so make sure to try out various combinations until you find the one that tickles your taste buds. Follow our steps to understand how to make espresso and get ready to impress your friends with a perfect coffee shot that’ll blow them away.