Step Your Coffee Game Up Immensely With These 10 Incredible Coffee Hacks

From the most casual coffee drinkers to the dedicated aficionados, almost everyone understands how essential it is to have their daily cup of joe. To help you make your ideal brew every day, we've collected 10 super-simple hacks from skilled baristas so that you can take your craftsmanship up a notch. So get ready for an unforgettable experience with every mugful!

Filtered Water For Purer Coffee Taste

For an unequivocal coffee flavour, only use filtered water when brewing. Tap water may have chlorine or other elements that can alter the taste of your drink and lower its quality - so stay away from it. Additionally, keep a few bottles of chilled filtered water ready in your refrigerator for quick access whenever you want to make some joe in a jiffy.

Salt To Reduce Excess Bitterness

Don't be disheartened when your coffee tastes too bitter. You can still savour it. Add some salt to counterbalance the bitterness and prevent the receptors on our tongue from detecting any unpleasant flavours. With just a pinch of sodium, you'll find that your cup of joe is transformed into something smooth and enjoyable once more.

Cinnamon As A Sweetener

If you are craving something sweet in your coffee, you might want to skip the sugar and add cinnamon instead. Not only is it a healthier option, but it also adds a delightful flavour to your favourite morning beverage. Just one teaspoon of this flavorful spice will give you all the sweetness without any extra calories or added sugars.

Add Butter Or Coconut Oil To Your Coffee

Experience the delightful and energising flavour of Bulletproof coffee with a simple addition. Combining butter or coconut oil offers an indulgent twist that not only tastes divine but has countless health benefits too. Not to mention, it will keep you feeling full for longer than ever before so your energy levels remain at their peak all day long.

Rinsing Coffee Filter Before Brewing

To prevent any off-tastes from infiltrating your coffee and to keep the beverage's temperature consistent while brewing, ensure you rinse your filter with hot water. This not only flushes out residue left behind in the filter but even helps warm up the pitcher beforehand.

Use Iced Coffee Cubes For Ice Coffee

Treat yourself to a consistently scrumptious cup of iced coffee every time. All you need do is freeze your prepared coffee in an ice cube tray, and then incorporate some milk and sugar when ready. This way you can be sure that the taste remains as invitingly fresh - no matter how long ago it was whipped up! Enjoying a delightful cold beverage has never been easier.

Frothy Milk At Home

If you've ever yearned to recreate the beloved frothy milk foam of your favourite coffee shop, now you can with just one mason jar and a microwave. Begin by filling up the jar halfway with milk, then shake vigorously. After 30 seconds in the microwave, voila - creamy, decadent foamy milk!

Grinding Beans Before Brewing

Within a half hour of being ground, coffee beans begin to lose their freshness and flavour. Hence, for the richest taste in your morning cup of joe, grind right before brewing. That way you can indulge in an unforgettable aroma and tantalizing flavour that elevates your day.

Add Flavours To Coffee Beans

By incorporating flavours like cinnamon, chocolate, and lemon zest into your coffee beans before grinding them up, you can take the taste of your brew to a whole new level. Rather than waiting until after it’s been brewed to add these delightful ingredients for flavour enhancement, infuse them ahead of time in order to experience greater satisfaction.

Use Quality Beans

A superior cup of coffee begins with quality beans. Beans are the single most influential element when it comes to flavour, so ensuring your selection is top-notch will ensure an exquisite experience in every sip. The Bettadakhan Estate blend from one of the best coffee brands in India is about one of the absolutely best coffee beans that you could choose for your cuppa. The coffee beans for this blend are handpicked sun-dried Arabica coffee that is grown alongside pepper, cacao and cardamom. Every sip of this brewed coffee guarantees you intense notes of dark chocolate, macadamia nuts and brown. There is no other way to start your day any better if you ask us!