Various Coffee Brewing Methods You Need To Know

Are you a coffee enthusiast looking to branch out from your usual brewing technique? Here, we have gathered all the best coffee-making methods with detailed pictures, descriptions and pros/cons for each one. Browse through our selection of boiling methods, steeping techniques, dripping systems and pressure brewing options so that you can enjoy exploring new tastes over the already variable kinds of coffee beans that you may be using.

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Boiling Coffee Methods

Brewing coffee by boiling is an uncomplicated, traditional way of making a strong cup of joe. It's not the most sophisticated technique to use, yet surprisingly simple to master.

Cowboy Coffee

Cowboy coffee is an easy, economical way to make a delicious cup of joe. All you need is a pot and any kind of heat source - even your campfire! Simply add coarsely ground beans to boiling water in the pot and let it boil for two minutes. Then take off the heat and give it seconds to rest so that the grounds settle at the bottom. Pour into cups, savour its aroma, then sip away!

Pros: Easy to brew, low cost, portable

Cons: Not the best flavour

Turkish Coffee

Turkish coffee is an aromatic Middle Eastern brewing technique that utilizes finely-ground coffee and sugar in a cezve (long-handled pot). As the mixture boils, it produces a flavorful drink that's robust yet frothy. To make this exquisite cup of joe, simply boil the powdered grounds with some sweetener in your cezve multiple times until you achieve an exceptionally foamy brew.

Pros: Strong, dark and interesting texture

Cons: Flavour may be too intense, requires special equipment, not very portable

Steeping Methods

If you're looking to experience the fullest flavour and caffeine levels in your morning coffee, then steeping is an absolute must. With full-immersion brewing techniques - where beans are placed directly into the water for several minutes - intense taste sensations of dark, robust flavours can be enjoyed.

French Press

For those seeking a delicious and easy-to-make cup of coffee, a French press is a perfect choice. Not only does it require minimal effort and time to prepare, but its medium-coarse grind ensures an aromatic flavour with a velvety texture.

To craft this delightful beverage, begin by adding your desired amount of grounds into the carafe; next pour in boiling water and let steep for 3 to 4 minutes before pressing down on the filter plunger.

Pros: Easy to brew, strong and distinctive flavour, can produce several cups at once

Cons: Generally high texture with sediment, bitter if steeped too long, not very portable

Cold Brew

Cold brew coffee is renowned for its smooth, low-acid flavour and natural sweetness. Although the process of making it takes longer than regular brewed coffee, creating your own cold brew couldn't be simpler! All you have to do is combine coarsely ground beans with room-temperature water and let them infuse overnight or for several hours depending on desired strength. Then strain out the grounds before serving as-is or over ice and enjoy!

Pros: Strong flavour, low acidity, slightly sweet, easy to brew, no special equipment

Cons: Takes too long to brew

Coffee Bags

If crafting the perfect cup of coffee is as easy for you as making a cup of tea, then try out the innovative coffee bags method. All that's required are soft pouches filled with ground coffee - similar to how tea bags work! Just pour some boiling water over your coffee pouch and let it steep for three or four minutes. Then remove the bag and enjoy a dazzlingly delicious hot brew.

Pros: Easy to brew, low-cost

Cons: Less flavourful, lower quality brew, not customisable

Instant Coffee

The most accessible and cost-effective coffee brewing method is undoubtedly instant coffee. Although it may be an easy solution, you won't get that same intense flavour or complexity of other methods. By simply combining the dehydrated granules with hot water, you can have your cup of espresso in just a few seconds.

Pros: Quick and easy, low cost, no special equipment needed

Cons: Not quite flavourful or complex

Drip Methods

Drip coffee brewing is a widely used technique that can be seen in almost any setting - from friendly food joints to busy offices. This method stands out for its convenience, simplicity and dependability.

Electric/Stovetop Percolators

For generations, coffee lovers have been drawn to the robust flavour of the percolated brew. Electric models are easily plugged into your wall outlet and don't require any additional hardware, while stovetop units can be taken on camping trips or used at home over a cookstove or open flame. To make this aromatic elixir with style, boiling water is run through coarsely ground beans in regular intervals until it reaches the desired strength – usually taking around 10 minutes. However, if you prefer light roasts, less time will suffice.

Pros: Easy to brew, portable

Cons: Bitter or strong coffee

Pour Over

Crafting your own pour-over coffee is a breeze with the right equipment. Available in various sizes and styles, basic pour-overs generally come equipped with a paper filter that allows you to brew directly into your mug. To begin brewing, start by placing the medium grounds inside of the filter before slowly pouring boiling water over it and all you need to do is enjoy the delicious joe that slowly drips into your cup.

Pros: Clear coffee without sediments or natural oils, low cost, fast brewing time

Cons: Filter papers are a staple, cant make multiple cups at a time, paper filters may alter flavour

Pressure Methods

Pressure-based brewing systems generally entail additional tools in order to be successful. By employing pressure, these machines are able to rapidly pressurize and extract the flavour from coffee grounds.

Espresso machine

Espresso machines can be costly and hard to operate, yet they're essential if you want the perfect espresso. Cleaning and descaling them regularly is also key in ensuring correctly functioning parts of your machine. The process that makes a great shot starts with pushing hot water highly pressurized through grounds securely put into a portafilter. There are models available that range from automated to manual; however no matter what kind you choose, some understanding of the technique is required for making an outstanding shot each time.

Pros: Excellent espresso, varying levels of automation, control over the brewing process

Cons: Requires very special equipment, expensive, difficult to operate, needs constant cleaning


Brewing coffee with the AeroPress is a straightforward process that yields delicious espresso-style drinks in no time. The device itself couldn't be easier to use; just add your favourite coffee beans, filter paper, and hot water - let it steep for as long as you prefer - and then press down on the plunger. With its customizability, you can discover what ratio of ingredients works best for you. So make sure to experiment around until you find your signature cup.

Pros: Lightweight and portable, smooth and rich brew, fast, customisable, inexpensive

Cons: Requires specialised equipment, special filter papers needed

Moka Pot

Crafting a cup of coffee with a Moka pot is both simple and rewarding. In mere minutes, you can prepare an espresso-like beverage that's full of flavour yet light on the palate. For this delicious treat, all you need to do is add finely ground beans and water in the brewer before placing it over your stovetop — heat will rise up as steam and pass through the grounds en route to brewing a luscious cuppa.

Pros: Easy to operate, lower cost, fast brewing, flavourful coffee

Cons: Requires specialised equipment

Now that you know all of these various brewing techniques, which of them are you interested to try unless you haven’t tried them all already? And if you have already decided on what you might want to try, it's time to choose an amazing blend of coffee beans for yourself now. You can do that by shopping for purchases in your local supermarket or you also order coffee online. Our suggestion is to try the Bettadakhan Estate blend which gives you the taste of dark chocolate, macadamia nut and brown sugar, all in one cuppa!