For smooth and bright coffee, ideal for medium and light roasts.

TOTAL TIME: 3 - 3.5 Mins

What you need

14 grams of ground coffee 
240 ml of hot water
Paper coffee filter
Measuring scales (optional)

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1. Grind and take a little less than 1 tablespoon ( 14 grams ) of ground coffee resembling sea salt in coarseness. Also start heating 240 ml water.

2. While the water is heating up, unfold the filter and place the triple-fold part on the side where the pouring spout is without blocking it.

3. Pre wet the filter by gently pouring water, this will also help with making the vessel warm. Once all the water has dripped down, throw away this water through the sprout.

4. Place the coffee into the filter and give it a slight nudge to flatten it out.

5. We will do three pours, for the first pour we will pour 35 mL of water starting from the center and spiral outwards and inwards making sure all the grounds are wet without poruing around the edges. The first pour is when you should put your nose down and gather all that awesomeness the bloom lets out. Wait for 30 seconds.

6. After 30 seconds, start pouring in the water with the same motion as previously mentioned until you pour an extra 100 grams. This will end the second pour and should take about 1 minute. Pour the remaining water with the same motion, the water will take another minute to pass through the coffee.