For bold, refreshing coffee brewed cold from start to finish.

TOTAL TIME: 9-12 Hours

What you need

100 grams of ground coffee 
1000 ml of hot water 
Glass Brewer
Measuring scales (optional)

Don't have the equipment?
Try our Easy Cold Brew Coffee Bags.


1. Grind and take 100 grams of coffee which is a little finer than french press coarseness.

2 .Place the coffee into the filter basket and insert it into the Hario Mizudashi glass brewer.

3. Start adding a room temperature water to the grounds slowly making sure you don't overflow the filter basket. Add a total of 1000 mL water.

4. Refrigerate the pot for 16 - 24 hours depending on the desired strength. After the time has elapsed remove the filter basket with grounds.

5. Use cold or hot water to dilute the concentrate to taste (usually a 1-1 or 1-2 ratio of coffee concentrate to water).