Espresso-style coffee without a high-maintenance machine.

TOTAL TIME: 2-2.5 Mins

What you need

19-22 grams of ground coffee 
300 ml of hot water 
Moka Pot
Measuring scales (optional)

Don't have the equipment?
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1. Grind and take about 19-22 grams of ground coffee resembling grounds for espresso in coarseness ( We prefer it to be slightly coarser so you might have to play around with coarseness to understand what makes the best cup for you ).

2. After heating 300 mL water, pour the hot water into the bottom chamber of the Moka Pot.

3. Fill the Moka Pot's filter basket with ground coffee and nudge it to get an even surface. Place it into the bottom chamber.

4. Tighten the top chamber to the bottom ( Please be careful as by this time the bottom chamber is probably hot because of the hot water in it ).

5. Place the setup on on a stove at medium heat. Soon water will boil and will be pushed through the coffee bed to the collection chamber. If the brewed coffee is coming out too fast, reduce the heat and if it is too slow and bubbly increase the heat.

6. Once you hear hissing and bubbling sound, your cup is ready.