A simple method for coffee brewing that highlights every subtle nuance.

TOTAL TIME: 3-3.5 minutes

What you need

17 grams of ground coffee 
250 ml of hot water
Paper coffee filter
Measuring scales (optional)

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1.Grind 17 grams of coffee. It should resemble sea salt in coarseness. Also start heating 250 ml of water.

2. While the water is heating up, wet the filter after placing it on the dripper to remove any papery taste that might be there.

3. Throw away the water drained from the pre-wetting of the filter, and add the coffee to it, nudging it to flatten out the surface.

4.There are 3 pours in total. First, pour 35 ml of water, starting from the centre and spiralling outwards and inwards, making sure all the grounds are wet. The first pour is the best time to take a deep sniff and gather all that awesomeness the bloom lets out. Wait for 30 seconds.

5. After 30 seconds, start pouring in the water with the same motion as before. Pour until you add an extra 100 grams for about 1 minute. Pour the remaining water with the same motion and wait for a minute till the water passes through the coffee.