For connoisseurs looking for a delicate, sophisticated brew.

TOTAL TIME: 1.30 minutes

What you need

20 grams of ground coffee
Heat source
Measuring scales (optional)

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1.Soak the cloth filter in warm water for 4-5 minutes and then hook it to the top component of the syphon.

2.Fill the bottom chamber of the syphon with 250mL hot water.

3.Fix the top chamber into the bottom bulb. It doesn't have to be pressed too hard, it should be evenly placed. Place the heat source below the whole setup and start it.

4.While the water is heating up and travelling to the top chamber, grind 20 grams of coffee.

5.Once almost all of the water is in the top chamber, lower the heat application so that the water temperature comes down to 87 - 90 degrees Celsius.

6.Add your coffee to the top chamber now and make sure the coffee is submerged completely. Start a timer for 1 minute 30 seconds.

7.Once the timer is done, remove the heat source right away and stir the coffee for 8-10 seconds. It should take about a minute for the brewed coffee to fall back to the lower bulb. Wait for a minute or so before serving for the flavours to be at its peak.