Where can I redeem the offers available on the app?

You can redeem the offers on the app by scanning the QR code at any Third Wave cafe.

Can I redeem more than one offer available on the app during a visit?

You can only redeem one offer at a time by scanning the QR code at a Third Wave cafe. Redeeming Third Wave Coins is also considered as redemption of an offer. Redeeming a subscription offer pack beverage is not considered as redeeming an offer. So for example, you can redeem an Americano from your Classics pack and redeem 50 Wave Coins on the Banana Walnut Tea Cake on your transaction.


Can I buy a pack at the store counter without installing the app?

No, you cannot buy from the store counter. This feature is only available in the Third Wave app.

Can I place an order for a pack through third wave app and pay via cash at the counter?

No, that’s not possible. You need to purchase via app through UPI, Cards, net banking & TWC Wallet mode only.

How many packs can I purchase?

You can purchase multiple packs at once, either the same pack or different ones. There's no limit to TWC pack purchases.

Can I transfer my pack(s) to another person?

No. You cannot transfer your pack(s) to another person.

How many product(s) can I redeem per day on a single pack?

You can redeem as many product(s) included in the Third Wave pack.

Where can I redeem my pack in Third Wave Coffee Store?

* Visit to your nearest Third Wave Cafe. * At the counter, open your app and scan the QR code. * Tell them you want to redeem your preferred pack. They'll handle the rest!

Where can I redeem my pack through Third Wave App?

* Open the app and tap "Packs" on the navigation bar. * Choose the pack you want and click "View Details & Redeem Now." * Add your favourite product(s) to the cart and place an order.

For how many days can I pause my pack(s)?

Purchasing a 15-product(s) pack gives the flexibility to pause it twice for 5 days. For a 10-product(s) pack, a single pause of 3 days is available. No pause option is offered for a 3-product pack.

Does my pack include any add-ons?

No. The TWC packs don’t include any add-ons such as flavored syrups or special dairy options such as almond milk, etc. Those must be purchased separately at the time of ordering.

Can I redeem medium or large size beverages from my pack(s)?

No. Currently, beverages included in the pack(s) are Regular Size.

Can I cancel my pack(s), which was purchased through app?

No. Pack cancellation/modification is not allowed.

Can I purchase same pack twice at same time?

Purchasing the same pack at the same time is allowed. The first pack is activated immediately, and the second pack is placed in a queue. Once the first pack is completed, the second pack is activated in sequence.

Can I redeem my pack(s) via Swiggy/Zomato?

No. You cannot redeem your pack via Swiggy/Zomato. Redeem your pack via Third Wave app or directly from store using your Third Wave app.

In case the product I wanted to redeem is unavailable/out of stock, am I allowed to select a different product as a substitute?

No, you are not allowed to take different products as a substitute. In this case, you can redeem it once the product is in stock.

Can I use wave coins or any coupon code while purchasing the pack or redeem the pack?

While redeem your pack, payable amount will be 0. So, coupon code/ wave coins will be not applicable.

Can I redeem my pack and additionally add individual product(s) to my cart?

Yes, you can purchase individual products along with the products from a pack.

Third Wave Coins

How many Third Wave Coins do I get per transaction?

You will earn 10% cashback on your invoice (before taxes) in the form of Third Wave Coins. Third Wave Coins cannot be earned by loading money into your Third Wave Wallet, purchasing the Third Wave packs, purchasing combo categories on the Third Wave app, or through app scan.

How can I use my Third Wave Coins?

Once you earn Third Wave Coins for your purchases, you can see it on your app. You can apply your wave coins on the review page while placing an order via the app or you can scan your QR code in-store to redeem it for a flat discount on your bill. 1 Wave Coin = 1 INR in a discount on your bill. The redemption limit for Wave Coins ranges from a minimum of 50 to a maximum of 200 per transaction.

Are Wave Coins transferable / convertible?

No, Wave Coins are neither transferable to another account nor convertible to cash.

Why Wave coins not added to my order?

If Third Wave App was scanned while placing the order, wave coins will be added automatically. If the TWC App was not scanned while placing the order, wave coins will not be added to your account. To avoid such scenario, always placed an order via Third Wave app.

Can I add Wave Coins after my visit to Third Wave Cafe?

It is not possible to add Wave Coins to your account. Wave Coins can only be earned when you scan your app before placing an order or after a successful order through the third wave app.

Why am I not accruing any wave coins when I buy meal combo?

Meal combos are already at discounted prices. Thus, buying meal combos disqualify you from accruing Wave Coins.

Why I placed an order from Swiggy/Zomato. Am I eligible to earn/redeem wave coins?

No. To earn/redeem wave coins, you must place an order through the Third Wave app or scan the app at the Third Wave counter. This cashback offers not be applicable if you placed an order via 3rd party app.

Third Wave Digital Card

How can I load money on my Third Wave Digital Card on the app?

You can load money by paying through a payment gateway on the app or by going to your nearest Third Wave cafe and asking a barista to load money.

How do I use my balance on the Third Wave Digital Card?

You can use your balance by either making purchases on the app or by going to a Third Wave cafe, scanning the QR code on the app & asking the barista to redeem value from your Third Wave digital card.

When does my balance expire on the Third Wave Digital Card?

The balance on the Third Wave Digital Card on the Third Wave App does not have a validity or expiry period. No credit card, credit line, overdraft protection or deposit account is associated with a Third Wave Digital Card. This card is not a credit/debit/ATM card.

Can I get a refund for my balance on the Third Wave Digital Card?

The balance loaded onto your Third Wave Digital Card is non-refundable and may not be exchanged for cash or credit balance unless required by law in India. No interest, dividends or any other earnings on funds deposited to a Third Wave Digital Card will accrue or be paid or credited to you


Why would | refer someone onto the app?

For every referral that signs up using your referral code, you and your friend get Flat ₹100 Off when the person whom you have referred makes the first paid transaction of more than ₹100 (Net Amount).

Flat ₹100 Off will be applicable for any order value.

When is a referral considered complete?

A referral is considered complete when the person you referred uses your referral code to download the app and scans his/her QR code in- store to makes the first paid transaction of net amount of INR 100 or more after using any discount.

How many people can I refer?

You may refer as many people as you want to.

Who can I refer?

You can refer anyone with a mobile number, email ID and smartphone.


What is considered as a transaction?

Any paid transaction at store is considered a transaction. Purchasing a subscription offer pack on the Third Wave App, loading money on your Third Wave Digital Card on the App or in-store or only subscription pack redemption in a transaction with 0 value at a store are not considered as transactions towards levelling up.

How do I become a Partner?

All you need to do to become a Partner is download the Third Wave app and sign up.

How do I advance to Influencer?

To become an Influencer, you must complete at least 15 paid transactions over a 90 days period.

How do I maintain my Influencer Level?

To maintain you must complete at least 15 paid transactions over a 90 days period after reaching Influencer Level.

How do I level up to Ambassador?

To level up to Ambassador, you must complete 45 transactions over a 90 days period.

How do I maintain my Ambassador Level?

To maintain your Ambassador Level you must complete at least 45 paid transactions over a 180 days period after reaching Ambassador Level.
If you do not meet the minimum required criteria for your level during the specified time, you will be moved to one level below.

Your Account

Can I change the email address and phone number associated with my account?

Your Third Wave account is linked to your phone number and hence, cannot be changed. However, you can change your email address.

Third Wave App Dine-In

What is app dine-in?

Orders placed from the café table via the TWC app are called app dine-in orders. These orders are meant to be enjoyed at the café only.

Why is Third Wave launching dine-in?

At Third Wave Coffee, we constantly strive to enhance the customer experience at our cafes. Our goal is to make ordering and serving at your table convenient, allowing you to spend less time in queues and ensuring a pleasant experience at the café.

Can I place a dine-in order using the app while not physically inside the café?

Unfortunately, you cannot opt for dine-in through the app from outside the café.

Can I place app dine-in order without entering the table number?

No, table number is mandatory field to place an app dine-in order.

Can I place app dine-in order with random table number?

No, table number will be validated from our side before placing an order. It will show an error if you enter incorrect table number.

Do I need to pay for my order while placing a dine-in order from the TWC app?

Yes, you’re expected to pay for your order while placing a dine-in order. We accept a variety of digital payment options including UPI, Wallets, Debit and Credit Cards.

Can I get wave-coins if I placed an order through app dine-in?

Yes, you will get wave coins like you would have got while placing an order at the counter.

How long does it take for my order to be served on the table?

It takes approximately 15 minutes for the order to be served on your table. You can expect a slight delay during rush times in the café.

Can I use coupon code or wave coins to place dine-in order from the TWC app?

Yes, you can use coupon code or wave coins while placing dine-in order through TWC app.

Why app dine-in option disabled for specific cafes?

Currently, the dine-in option is available at specific cafes only. We will enable it soon in more outlets as well.

Can I use my TWC wallet to place app dine-in order?

Yes, you can place app dine-in order using your TWC wallet.

Can I cancel my dine-in order after placing it from the TWC app?

Once a dine-in order is placed it cannot be cancelled.

Can I modify my dine-in order after placing it?

No, you cannot modify your order after placing.

Can I modify my app dine-in to take away?

No, you cannot modify your order type after placing an order.

Where can I get my table number?

Table number will be mentioned at the table.

Where can I find the order type as Dine-in?

Open the App and go to the ‘Menu’ section. Choose ‘Dine-in’ as ‘Order type’ on top of the page and start ordering.

Why app dine-in option is not available for me?

The dine-in option may not be visible to you due to these reasons: café can be out of radius/dine-in area is closed/dine-in option not yet launched.

Where to get the dine-in timings for the cafes?

Open the app and go to the ‘Cafes’ page. Choose the café location and tap it. You will be able to see the dine-in timing and café opening and closing timings.

What is use of QR code on the table?

You can scan the QR code, and if you don’t have the TWC app, it will be redirected to the app store/Play Store to download the app. If you have the app, it will land directly on the menu page with the order type ‘Dine-in’ and start ordering.

Can I place an app dine-in order without QR code?

Yes, you can. To place a dine-in order, kindly open the TWC app and navigate to the 'Menu' section. Select 'Dine-in' as your 'Order type' at the top of the page and proceed with selecting your desired items. You'll be asked to provide your table number before making payment, which will assist store staff in locating your table and serving your order promptly.


Why can't I find my birthday beverage on the TWC app?

Your birthday beverage is available for redemption only during your birthday month. If it has already been claimed or the offer has expired, it won't be displayed on the TWC App.

Do I get a birthday beverage if I register for my birthday month?

No, if you sign up in the same month as your birthday, you are not eligible for the birthday beverage. However, you can enjoy it on your next birthday.

Can I reserve space for a birthday party at the cafe?

Currently, we do not accept reservations or bookings. Reach out to the store manager for assistance in accommodating your needs as much as possible.

What are the requirements for the Birthday Beverage offer?

To qualify for the Birthday Beverage, spend a minimum of 500 within a year. This total expenditure makes you eligible for a special treat as part of the offer.


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