Our Coffee Before

Did you know that the elevation of a farm greatly influences the quality of coffee beans? The coffee bean is a complex character, a cultural phenomenon, a fascinating find. We spend a considerable amount of time, we mean mostly all of our time, interacting closely with farmers to understand the coffee they produce. Our core philosophy is to perfect every step in the life of the coffee bean, from seed to cup. 

Then there are relationships that make our coffee special, between growers, roasters, cuppers, baristas and our patrons. They pour over their heart and soul for the love of good coffee and to uphold our values of:

  • Attention to detail-The divinity of a full bodied flavour yet balanced coffee is what we strive to achieve. From notes of citrus to a hint of chocolate, our coffee constitutes a range of flavours depending on the type of soil, elevation, rainfall levels, altitude, processing and location of the farm. 
  • Fair trade- Our farmers are not just our producers of specialty coffee, but stories to be told. We work with them to handpick the highest quality coffee, but more importantly to have them be a part of this wave and highlight their role in our story. 
  • Commitment to quality roasting methods- We roast our coffee in small batches in custom-built roasters for profile roasting, that reduce noxious gas emissions by 50% compared to other roasters. 
  • Ethical pricing- We care about all of our patrons being able to enjoy a fine and heady coffee experience, which is why our beverages are priced quite reasonably. A win win :)

We house a fully equipped training centre in our roastery, where we are always innovating and developing bespoke blends. Our baristas are coffee connoisseurs who love to keep abreast of the latest trends, technologies and developments in the coffee industry. 

We cup our coffees religiously to control quality and to find ways to improve our roasting profiles. Whether you want to serve specialty coffee, find your favourite blend, or just grab a coffee, we’ll strive to make that happen one cup at a time.