How To Brew The Perfect Iced White Chocolate Mocha at Home?

The delicious and rich taste of the iced white chocolate mocha belongs to a list of white mocha coffee that has an equally rich history. Sufi monks in the 15th century were known to make and consume coffee. These beans were exported to other countries through the Al-Makha port by Yemeni traders. People began to call the coffee imported from Al-Makha ‘mocha’. These beans had an earthy flavour resembling chocolate, perhaps the only similarity it shares with modern chocolate mocha. This earthy flavour was the catalyst that eventually created the iced white chocolate mocha.

What’s in a White Mocha Iced Coffee?

This white chocolate coffee is prepared with espresso or a fresh coffee brew (based on your choice), milk, sugar, and white chocolate served over ice. If you opt for vegan or dairy-free milk, we suggest oat milk as it is the best non-dairy milk for frothing. 

How to Make Iced White Chocolate Mocha

Step 1: Preparing The Brewed Coffee/Espresso

Start by brewing yourself a fresh cup of espresso or coffee based on your preference. We suggest you try our Malabar Monsoon AA blend java brimmed with bold flavours. Head on over to our website to buy coffee online and make sure to explore our wide range of exquisite coffee. 

Step 2: Cooling Down Your Brewed Coffee/Espresso

Once you have brewed your coffee or prepared your espresso, pour it into a cup or cups, the more the merrier. The next step is to let the concoction chill until it is cool.

Step 3: Making Your White Chocolate Mixture 

After you have left your brew to cool down, you need to melt the white chocolate and sugar into a small amount of milk.

Step 4: Combining Your White Chocolate With The Cold Brew

For the next step, you need to combine your white chocolate mixture with your cold brew. Add a little more milk as you mix the two. You could even opt for heavy cream for some extra richness if that’s what you like

Step 5: Relax And Enjoy Your Iced White Mocha

Now that your mocha is assembled, pour the drink over a cup of ice and revel at your creation. You can now relax and enjoy it straight away or top it with whipped cream and white chocolate shavings before slurping it.

When making your iced white chocolate mocha, you may feel conflicted between a choice of arabica vs robusta beans. But it all comes down to the kind of flavour you seek. Arabica beans will brew a smooth and less bitter coffee drink with a sour aftertaste. Robusta coffee beans will give you a bitter but rich brew. If you are feeling up for other coffee variations, then we at Third Wave Coffee have an amazing lineup of exquisite coffee bags for you to choose from.