Be it exhausting Mondays or exhilarating Fridays, starting the day without a jolt of strong aromatic coffee just feels wrong. But there are some days when you need something more than a simple iced latte, an extra boost to start your day at the office or college. Before you leave your all-time best friend coffee aside for a stronger beverage, hear us out. We’ve got the best drink that can give your taste palate a heavenly experience with the perfect balance of freshly roasted coffee beans and whisky. What is the elixir drink you might ask? Irish coffee! 

Just in case you’d like to stick with the Iced Latte, here’s how you can make one: How to Make Iced Latte At Home? - A Step-By-Step Guide


The history of Irish Coffee dates back to the ’90s. Joe Sheridan, owner of a restaurant at the Foynes air base outside of Limerick, Ireland, concocted the famous cocktail widely recognized as the Irish coffee in the early 1940s. According to the legend, a nighttime flying boat flight made a failed effort to land in New York during a winter storm and returned to the airport. The first batch of Irish coffees for the stranded travellers was made by Sheridan. A conversation between the chef and an American went like this:

“Hey Buddy, is this Brazilian coffee?” a shocked American exclaimed.

 Joe allegedly retorted, "No, that's Irish coffee."

And there birthed was the iconic drink that was to become the knight in shining armour of generations of tired youth and old alike!


The original recipe for the Irish coffee drink, the legendary cocktail, is quite easy. It needs four standard ingredients: Smooth Irish whiskey, and rich black coffee that has been sweetened and topped with cream. While there is no such thing as Irish coffee beans for you to use for the drink, a good quality coffee powder would do just fine. Despite certain popular workarounds, making a real Irish coffee requires more than just adding a shot of whiskey to coffee. Instead, this is a well-thought-out, expertly crafted coffee beverage that needs to be infused with the same precision as any latte or cappuccino. Having said that, it is fairly simple and we can help you master the art of making authentic Irish Coffee.

Ingredients for making authentic Irish Coffee

  • One cup of freshly brewed hot coffee. 
  • One tablespoon of brown sugar.
  • One jigger Irish whiskey (i.e one and half ounces or three tablespoons)
  • Slightly whipped heavy cream


Step One: Pre-Heating

Fill your favorite coffee mug with hot water and discard it prior to building the drink to preheat your mug.  It keeps the beverage warm and helps meld the ingredients.

Step Two: Mixing

Once the coffee is piping hot, pour it into the glass and stir in the brown sugar until it is dissolved. Following this, gently blend in the Irish whisky. 

Step Three: Topping

Complete the drink by topping it off with a collar of slightly whipped cream by pouring gently over the back of the spoon.

And voila! You’ve officially made a cup of authentic Irish Coffee AKA piece of heaven. Throw in a few pieces of ice if you like and you have Iced Irish Coffee!

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