Kick Off The Cold Night Chills With A Cup Of Butterscotch Coffee

It is a cold, winter night and you are cuddling with your partner under soft, warm and fluffy blankets. Suddenly you are struck with unfathomable pain out of nowhere and you feel literal chills running down your body. You desperately look for the source of this excruciating pain and you find your partner’s cold icy feet on your leg. Which is worse, having no partner to snuggle with or a partner who attacks you with icy feet? We vote for the latter. But regardless of who you cast your ballot for, we can all agree that we have considered ways to make the bitterly cold winters a little more bearable and beautiful. And what is better than a hot cup of coffee on a cold night? A butterscotch coffee! 

However, if you are someone who enjoys cold drinks when it's freezing, you will love this iced latte recipe.

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History Of Butterscotch

The origin of  "butterscotch" can be traced back to Doncaster, a city in Yorkshire, England. Samuel Parkinson, a confectioner who started producing it as hard candy in 1817, is usually credited with creating it. All that said, there is no clear origin to the confection's name. The logic behind the 'butter' part of the name is obvious. However, the 'scotch' part is more mysterious. Since the sugar is heated to a very high temperature, some claim that the word is derived from the word scorched. Another hypothesis attributes the word "scotch" to Scottish origins. No matter where it came from, there's no escaping the sweetness of this treat!

How To Make Authentic Butterscotch Coffee

Butterscotch: for many people, the sweet confection brings back childhood memories. Intense overtones of creamy butter are coupled with heavenly coffee, golden butterscotch candy flavour, and ribbons of thick dairy cream. This butterscotch coffee recipe is perfect if you want to help yourself get rid of the winter blues. It tastes great served both hot and iced with a little bit of cream and sugar or a chosen sweetener. 


  • Twelve ounces of freshly brewed coffee or espresso

  • Four ounces of butterscotch sauce or syrup

  • Two ounces of milk, heavy cream, or half and half


  • Pour the coffee, butterscotch sauce, and milk evenly between two mugs or heat-safe glasses. Stir to blend.
  • Top with whipped cream and extra butterscotch sauce. Serve hot!
  • A drizzle of butterscotch sauce, and a sprinkle of demerara sugar are a few extra garnishes that can give your drink a Gordon Ramsay look!

If you want a little extra spice, substitute the butterscotch syrup with butterscotch schnapps. And ta-da! You have successfully made two delicious cups of butterscotch latte. 

For all the couples out there, this is your saviour drink that will save you from your partner’s cold feet and for all the singles out there this drink is forever gonna be your best friend during the cold nights. All that said, good coffee beans is the most important ingredient behind good coffee. Don’t know where to get your good coffee beans from? From Baarbara estate to Karadykan estate buy the finest coffee online from the best coffee brand in India, Third Wave Coffee.