Make A Cup Of Macchiato Coffee And Melt Away The Monday Morning Blues

Ugh! Monday morning. We know, we hate it too. All you feel is to snuggle under your soft blankets and procrastinate life. Unfortunately, you have no other option, than to wake up and go about your day. But hey, for all the coffee lovers out there, we have a solution. Instead of procrastinating, procaffeinate! You heard that right. Drink a good cup of coffee and we guarantee you that your day would be 1000 times easier. Before you plunge into confusion about which coffee to prepare, we have the perfect solution. A  macchiato. A macchiato sometimes referred to as an espresso macchiato or a caffè macchiato, in its most basic form, is just espresso with a splash of milk. The word "macchiato" means marked, stained, or spotted in Italian. When milk is added to the dark, rich espresso, it leaves a mark that fits this description. A small amount of milk is added to the coffee, just enough to make it appear lighter and pierce the surface's smooth, dark tone. High in caffeine yet creamy, the macchiato is just perfect in every sense. So make a cup of macchiato coffee and make your Monday mornings bearable! 

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History of Macchiato 

Italy has ranked among the most powerful nations in the world in terms of its influence on culture. They have had an effect on a variety of things, including coffee, art, history, religion, and fashion. The macchiato is an Italian coffee beverage that was created in the 1980s when baristas wanted a means to distinguish their espresso beverages from those that were simply espresso or those that had been "marked" with milk. Depending on where you are in the globe, the macchiato may go by a different name or have distinct variants. The majority of an authentic Italian macchiato should be espresso, with just a shot of milk added. The "Long Macchiato," which consists of two shots of espresso and a dash of milk, is Australia's take on the macchiato. In Portugal, a macchiato is known as a "Café Pintado," because it often contains more milk than espresso. Cortado, a macchiato that includes equal parts milk and espresso, is the name of the beverage in Spain. While keeping the fundamentals of the drink the same, each location has been able to take the drink and add their own twist to it. Long macchiato, caramel macchiato coffee, Café Pintado or Cortado, whatever be the name macchiato’s just taste heavenly! 

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How To Make Authentic Irish Macchiato

Thanks to coffee chains and restaurants attempting to spice up their menus and expand their product offerings, the traditional macchiato has changed throughout time. However, if authenticity is your thing, this recipe is perfect for you. This authentic macchiato coffee recipe will teach you how to make macchiato at home.


  • Dark roast coffee beans 
  • Milk
  • Filtered water



Grind your beans right before brewing for the optimum taste. Ensure that you grind to the appropriate consistency for your brewing process.


No. Not that kind of shots. We mean espresso shots. Pull a shot of espresso using a Moka pot or an espresso machine. If you don't have an espresso maker, try strong coffee instead.


It's time to start steaming some milk. Put your espresso machine's frothing wand into a cup with milk in it. Froth the milk until it doubles in volume. You may warm milk in a saucepan on the stove or the microwave if you don't have a milk steamer. Then, after pouring it into a Mason jar, whisk it or shake it until it is completely frothed.

Be A Bob Ross!

Pour the steamed milk into the espresso to make your macchiato. Making latte art is a great way to dress it up!

And tada! One hot shot cup of Macchiato coffee, to start your tiring Mondays. 

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