Coffee Crema: How Important is it For The Perfect Espresso?

First impressions matter and the best way to set one for an espresso is to have that signature tan-colored foam, the crema, rest on its top. Espresso crema is a thick brown foam formed by the highly pressurized brewing process generated through an espresso machine that rests on top of your espresso. 

The presence of a good crema indicates that your coffee is fresh and brewed with skillful hands. The coffee crema also helps give the espresso a fuller flavor and longer aftertaste than drip coffee. It's a common belief that the best espresso coffee is one with a layer of crema, but is it really so? This blog will help you understand how important coffee crema is for the perfect espresso.

Is Coffee Crema Really Essential for The Perfect Espresso?

A distinct crema in your shot of espresso can tell a lot about the coffee. A good coffee crema almost always signifies that your shot of espresso was made with freshly ground coffee and was brewed by a skilled barista. Crema adds to the texture of your coffee and enhances the character of the shot. A perfect crema is velvety and ensures that the flavor of the shot is as smooth as silk on your tongue and lasts longer with a prominent aftertaste. Moreover, crema is absolutely essential for latte art.

With all this being said, it should be noted that the lack of crema doesn’t necessarily mean that your coffee is bad. Yes, it is possible to have a great shot of espresso without the crema. Darker roasts have less crema due to more oils evaporating during the brewing process. Robusta coffee also has more crema than Arabica and the same goes for naturally processed coffee as compared to washed coffee beans. 

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Arabica coffee beans, despite not being the best choice to get the most crema, provide fuller flavors and delicate aromas. For those with an itch for dark roast coffee, why not try our Vienna Roast Coffee Beans. Vienna Roast is 100% Arabica that leaves a bittersweet chocolate, burnt caramel and toasted walnut aftertaste and allures your buds enticing them to come back for more! Visit our website to order coffee online and make sure to try our wide range of delicious coffee flavors.

Espresso is all about the taste. What matters at the end of the day is that you’re enjoying your cup of coffee. For some, the best is the crema espresso with a perfect layer of brown foam on the top while others might just scrape the crema off to get rid of the bitterness and to enjoy the more nuanced flavors of the coffee bean. Scrape, or not scrape, it’s all on you. Make sure you try both before deciding the one meant for you.