Coffee Date: Grooving Over A Cup of Coffee!

Coffee dates are one of the most favoured first dates. Why? They're affordable, can be as long or short as you want, can happen in a public space, and did we mention that coffee is awesome? But how can you make certain that your coffee date is a success when it’s a simple date with not much going on? Well, pull up a seat and grab your favourite joe as we discuss our special coffee date tips.

Mastering the Art of Dating with a Cup of Coffee!

The ideal coffee size for a first coffee date is medium (or grande). The larger one seals you in without a comfortable departure in the event that things go wrong. If you gage halfway through your large cup of coffee, it might seem a bit more awkward. And no, we are not talking about looking silly at Starbucks trying to order a medium instead of a Grande. The larger one seals you in without a comfortable departure in the event that things go wrong, in contrast to the smaller size, which makes it appear as though you are attempting to leave quickly.

Starting Off a New Beginning with Your Coffee Date

Well, coffee is casual. Literally, anybody can go out for coffee with you- family, friends, coworkers, strangers, etc. So how do you make sure the person you are dating is aware of the coffee date? Making things a bit more special by picking up an upscale or distinctive location is one choice. Think something out of the typical Starbucks where Millennials are busy typing on computers. Ask your friends or Google to look up local coffee stops if you're unsure of where to go. You can brew up an instant coffee for your date using our guide, french press coffee.

The second thing you ought to say is that it's a date. Ideally, you should do this when you invite them to coffee, but if you don't, you should still find a way to let them know, even if it's uncomfortable. Otherwise, be prepared to figure out if the "date" was real for hours or even days following it.  If you want to make your first coffee date a memorable one, you should try out the El Diablo Blend coffee, a nice blend of orange, banana, sweet, and syrupy!

Third, don't forget to bring your flirting tactics. By doing this, you can create an atmosphere that elevates the experience more than just grabbing coffee. But you shouldn’t go over the top here, especially on your first coffee date, rather try your best to convey that you are there for romantic reasons.

Tips Especially For You!

It takes more than simply looking for the wackiest or coolest place to take your date when choosing a coffee shop. It goes without saying that you should choose a site that is well-lit, unassuming, and populated. Avoid picking up a coffee shop that needs to be accessed through a back alley, even if you're meeting up during the day. Choose something that is as typical and non-sketchy as possible. It’s going to make your date feel a little more comfortable.

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Order any size you want if it's someone you have gone out with previously! Just grab what you like the most because the odds that you will need a quick exit are a little less in this situation. Head on over to our website to buy coffee online and also make sure to check out our wide selection of exquisite coffee if you are planning for a coffee date at home!