How to Make French Press Coffee? - A Step-by-Step Guide

A classic for the ages, the French Press is one of the easiest coffee makers out there and is an affordable option for those who crave a warm cup of Joe first thing in the morning. All you need to be familiar with is the right water temperature, the ratio of liquid to grounds, and how long to brew your coffee, and you’re well on your way to answering the question - ‘How to make the perfect French Press Coffee?’

For beginners, the mere sight of a French Press can be intimidating, but contrary to first impressions, it is one of the simplest brewing systems and has been around since the 1850s. With time various versions of the French Press have been developed, and the overall evolution has led to the creation of the machine that we know and love today.

The French Press is ideal for those who prefer big-bodied coffee, as the lack of a paper filter in the machine gives your coffee a richer, fuller body. The slightly oily feel and big body elevate the qualities of most dark roasts which is yet another reason for you to master the French Press.

Now that we’ve gotten the basics down right, let's look at how to make French Press coffee.

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How to Make French Press Coffee


  • 20 grams of coarsely ground coffee
  • 200 ML water


  • French Press
  • Long Spoon
  • Digital Food Scale (Optional)


  • The first step in preparing French Press Coffee is to warm up the French Press. This can be done by boiling water and using it to rinse out the press.
  • Discard any remaining hot water from the French Press and add your coffee grinds to it. Now bring your desired amount of water to a boil, allow it to cool down for a minute and pour it into the press.
  • Here’s a pro-’how to make french press coffee’-tip from us, the French Press works well with medium-dark to dark roasts. We take pride in delivering some of the best coffee in India, so trust us when we recommend trying out our French Roast, a dark roast that tickles your taste buds with notes of cocoa and has a bitter and intense undertone to it if you like a super intense cup.
  • Use a long spoon and stir vigorously to break up the top layer. 
  • Allow the coffee to steep for an additional 4 minutes. Once the 4 minutes are up, gently push the plunger all the way to the bottom of the press.
  • Don’t leave any of the brewed coffee in the French Press otherwise that
    decoction will keep getting brewed and become bitter

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Congratulations, a hot cup of perfect French Press coffee is ready to be served! Remember to serve this warm decoction immediately. You can also store the leftovers in a thermos just in case you need to pull some all-nighters or to satisfy the occasional coffee cravings.