Whip Whip Nae Nae Your Coffee And Make Dalgona Coffee

The word "cringe" is used most frequently to characterize TikTok on the wider internet: It's so awkward and humiliating that it's impossible not to chuckle as a viewer. There are countless TikTok cringe compilations across multiple platforms, many of which have millions of views. Among the myriad of cringe and funny content that Tiktok brought to its viewers, there are few trends that are truly a gem. If you follow the peaks and valleys of online trends, you might’ve observed that TikTok has given birth to one such gem: A sweet, highly caffeinated coffee beverage known as Dalgona, which then slowly but surely took over our kitchens. People all across the world are trying out this intriguing coffee beverage, adding to the excitement surrounding this fad. Once you've made Dalgona coffee at home, you'll undoubtedly understand why people are so incredibly enthusiastic about it.

History Of Dalgona Coffee

Over the past few years influential personalities, celebrities, and anyone with some spare time on their hands have put their forearms to good use to whip up this purportedly new coffee craze. But little do they know that Dalgona Coffee has a history that dates back to the 90’s. Although a South Korean TV program titled “Stars' Top Recipe at Fun-Staurant” is responsible for their current popularity, whipped instant coffee beverages have been popular in other countries, such as India, Pakistan, Greece, and Macau for a long time. 

But who is the true inventor of Dalgona coffee? Despite the fact that this sweet street treat was birthed in Busan in the 1960s, the popularization of the coffee drink is commonly attributed to Korean actor Jung Il-woo, who drank the concoction while attending the aforementioned TV show. However, no food is birthed in solitude and creamed coffee, made with sugar and instant coffee, is a common culinary creation in many cultures. In India, it’s called phenti hui coffee. The drink has been around since 1957 in Greece under the name Frappe. In Macau, the beverage originated at an abandoned shipyard, where Jung Il-woo tried it, sparking the current trend. Perhaps what social media has ultimately taught us is that, globally, our consumption patterns are more similar than we once thought! 

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How To Make Dalgona Coffee

With coffee shops keeping up with the social media trends to satisfy their customers, you might probably see a 500 RS cup of "Dalgona coffee" on the menu. Whenever that happens, you need to remember that the beverage is best made at home. It only requires a little work and a lot of stirring and this Dalgona coffee recipe will teach you how. 


  • Two tablespoons of instant coffee
  • Two tablespoons of granulated sugar (Three if you like your coffee sweet)
  • Two tablespoons of boiling water
  • 400-500ml milk


Step One: Watch me Whip! Watch me nae nae!

As much as Silento’s songs are catchy, this process includes a bit more than just vibing to the song. Add coffee, sugar, and water into a bowl and whip until it reaches a meringue-like consistency. While using an electric whisk is the easiest, you can also do this by hand. But if you're doing it by hand, some Silento music—or any music, for that matter, can be quite helpful. When done with a handheld whisk you may take about 15 to 20 minutes depending on your arm strength. You will know it is ready when the mixture has significantly lightened in color and taken on a light toffee hue. Additionally, there will also be a dramatic rise in volume.

Step Two: Serve, Sit, Sip!

Scoop the mixture over a glass of hot or cold milk once it has reached the optimum creaminess. And there you have it. One perfect cup of Dalgona Coffee.

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